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Cash Forecasting is complicated…you don’t know where to start…what information you need…what tools to use…you don’t have time!?? 

My philosophy is Simplicity over Complexity, so one simple myth I’d like to dispel is that you need to be an Accountant to track the cash in your business!

I’ll show you in 5 Days and in just 30mins per day how to build a simple and effective Cashflow Forecast, how to easily get the information you need, what tools to use, and how to track your cash…


I am an Accountant, Coach and Trainer and founder of my own Coaching Business Sally Brady Ltd aimed at ambitious SME’s and Start-ups dedicated to educating Business Owners and Leaders in the Financial Aspects of their business.

I worked as a successful Accountant and Senior Manager in the Corporate Sector for over 30 years, I understand and have experienced life when profit margins and people are squeezed and the overwhelming pressure this brings. Having my own company, I fully aware of the struggles of the business owner and the many hats we have to wear and how planning is imperative within Business.

Client journey First steps I need to know about you

Testimonial - Deb Jones

I am blown away with the help Sally has given me. I have felt completely crazy with my numbers, it’s an area that has caused me so much distress in my business. Spending time with Sally has created a sense of ease around business planning and financial forecasting! Working with Sally has been the best decision I have ever made for the future of my business. Sally not only showed me around my accounting software, but created an amazing cash forecast spreadsheet showing the all important numbers, I look at the numbers and still cannot believe they are mine. I now realise looking at the numbers has create peace of mind – Sally has given me so much more than showing me how to organise the number – PEACE OF MIND is the key to a healthy life and a health business! Thank you

Sally Brady Financial review This is where we start to dig deep into the business reporting

Testimonial - Ben Miller

Sally is absolutely driven to succeed. When there’s something that needs fixing, you can guarantee Sally will find a way. She’s had many years of experience helping people to grow their business and really understand their finances. She’s honest, to the point, and cuts straight through the BS, and let’s be honest, there’s a lot of it out there. If you want a trusted partner to help drive results then I can guarantee you, will be in safe hands with Sally. Don’t even think twice about investing in her

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