They were struggling, £30,000-pound loss (which was building day-by-day), and unless they made a profit soon, it was going to be GAMEOVER…

The problem was, they were worn out. Exhausted from working 50+ hour weeks, with barely any time to spend with the family, let alone a holiday.

The business was being run with a blindfold. No idea of outgoings, oblivious to actual income and quite frankly… it was a ticking time bomb waiting to happen.

Some people are gifted salesman, others can write, design, and create… my gift is Finances. Give me any failing business and I can tell you where they’re going wrong and how to fix it.

Admittedly, not the most glamorous gift, but helping hundreds of businesses to succeed and thrive is my passion and my 30-year career has given me the knowledge and experience to do so quickly and effectively.

Back to the story…

I went in and revealed their biggest mistakes… Their overheads were out of control, they had no real financial reporting and their plan of becoming a successful business was but a pipedream.

In 3 months, they reached break-even, and by the 4th month they were back up to 5K profit and growing steadily to reach 10K per month.

I’ve helped companies save hundreds of thousands, reveal profit sucking problems in a matter of days, and given people clarity and confidence back in their businesses.




First steps I need to know about you! How did you start your business and why, what are you Goals and ambitions for your business, every business owner has their quirks, so I need to know what yours are to help me understand where you are and why!

We need to be able to work together along this journey so this is an important area to start, if I can understand you and how you work it will help me understand how you approach your business and we can create a strong strategy for growth together.

business planning CLIENT JOURNEY ​
Business planning FINANCIAL REVIEW​


This is where we start to dig deep into the business reporting, reviewing what you currently have in place, you may already have some reporting that you produce and review weekly or monthly and you may also have nothing, but we are on this journey together, so a complete or blank canvas is ok!

This will give us the basis to know what we need to build and develop in reporting and processes that are key for your business to give you full visibility and clarity.


Once we have completed the Financial Review, we will build the reports, processes and develop a complete strategy to drive your business into continuous sustainable growth!

The reports and processes will give you the simple Key Performance Indicators to be agile and make informed decisions within your business.

sally brady Business Planning


The final stage of the journey is the implementation and support of putting the Business plan, reporting and processes into action!

I will support you on your journey into a clearer more financially focused business, where you have the information easily available and via simple processes enabling you to make the key decisions to drive your business successfully into continuous sustainable profit!

How we can work together

My “WHY” has always been to ensure that Small Businesses have the same level of support and understanding of their Financials as that of Larger Organisations and of course… “Simplicity over Complexity”.

With the above in mind I have developed a number of ways for you to work with me either on a 1-2-1 basis as demonstrated above to really get behind your numbers and develop your knowledge of Financials, develop a Financial Strategy and build and grow your Financial Reporting structure and drive Business growth.
You may feel at this time you would just like some clear and simple Support and Accountability within your business for this I have a monthly subscription plan click here for more information.

How you can work with a Business planner

Reach out to me here to book a 30-minute introductory call CTA

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